Smokers with lower fertility rates than non-smokers

The harm of tobacco to women 1. smoking and newport short cigarettes ectopic pregnancy Over the past 20 years, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy women around the world (mainly the fallopian tube pregnancy) increased by two or three times. In the past have considered is the main cause of ectopic pregnancy pelvic inflammatory disease and sexually #Newport Short Cigarettes# transmitted diseases, however why in pelvic inflammatory disease and the pathogenesis of the rate of reduction of area, ectopic pregnancy is still rising trend? experts has been looking for new Tobacco Cigarette risk factors for ectopic pregnancy, and finally found the, Cheap Cigarette which is Marlboro cigarette. Experts found that, regardless of sexual life history, history of pelvic infection, birth control and reproductive history, the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and pregnant women are significantly related to the amount of smoke inhalation. The pregnant women were divided into two groups, the incidence rate of ectopic pregnancy in the smoking group was 40.1%, while no smoking group was two, the 29.7% groups had significant differences. A research team from the University of Washington in the United States, 274 ectopic pregnancy patients and 727 pregnant women in the same period, the risk of tubal pregnancy in women who believe that smoking is higher than 40%. Pregnant women smoking the incidence of ectopic pregnancy by research that smoke can stimulate the small vascular wall thickening, and the pelvic Discount Cigarettes blood circulation changes, causing a series of changes in the implantation of the fertilized egg mutation. Some people think that nicotine damage micro filaments into uterine fallopian tube in eggs, fertilized eggs transferred to the uterus of normal obstruction caused by. So, in the United States put forward the "if you are pregnant, please immediately stop Marlboro gold cigarette" slogan. Pregnant women not only shouldn��t smoke, but also should avoid going to place filled with smoke. 2. smoking and infertility Smoking women the fertilization rate decreased greatly. Female smokers compared with non-smokers suffering from infertility women, may, the former should be 2.7 times higher than the latter. The researchers found Cigarette Manufacturer that smokers than non-smokers 72% low fertility. England at Bristol University Department of Obstetrics and gynecology department researchers in 45 patients undergoing in vitro fertilization of infertile women found that nicotine decomposition of cotinine cotinina conception have obvious effect. Researchers think cotinine can affect women's reproductive cycle of female sex hormones in and cotinine in the reproductive system of women with no women of this substance compared, the fertilized eggs of the reduction in the proportion of 2 / 3. If the husband is smoking Marlboro red regular, the situation is even worse, because men smoke in addition to reduce the amount of sperm, sperm formation rules, and its activity was greatly reduced. Research also believes that the ability of nicotine can make sperm penetrate the egg transparent film is reduced by 12 ~ 16%. Statistics show that smoking couples infertility may 5.3 times higher than non-smoking couples.

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