Please post any news that you wish to share with other Carver Vocational-Technical Alum

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The Carver Alumni Association meets monthly from September through May on the 3rd Sunday of the month, 3 pm.  Our last meeting before before the summer break will be held on Sunday, May 15, 3 pm, in the Carver Alumni Center, Room 138, ground floor.  Please use the school's main entrance.  Important:  Be punctual.  Main door closes at 3:15 pm.


Hope to see you there!

Hi I'm Sylvia V. Coleman I graduated June 1975 I would like the date of the Annual All Class reunion so I that I can attend and have enough time to take off from work. I would like to tell some of the other classmates that I stay in contact with. I am not on face book that is my choice but your assistance in this matter would  appreciated 

I would like to know when is the 2013 the class reunion?



Hello Mrs. Sheam-Ward thank you for your interest in this matter also. If you get  the date before I do please let me know. Because I need 30 days to secure the date. I would REALLY like to attend  

Hello Everyone, the dates to all upcoming events including the All Class Reunion is now posted under the events tab above.

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